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Photovoltaic Laboratory


Events in 2014

  • IG PEG Plushaus-Workshop
  • IEA Transferworkshop September 19
  • Techdays
  • Symposium high alpine PV systems October 3/4
  • IEA HEV and EVI
  • Battery Technology
  • Energy storage and load management
  • Solar energy for your home
  • Symposium "Burgdorf changed the world" November 21
  • DGS meeting

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As the need for light in the developing world rises, so does the demand for alternative energy sources. The SmartLight project unites latest technologies for photovoltaics, intelligent power electronics and LED lighting. The incorporated micro-financing management system allows affordable replacement of poor kerosene light.

Further informations to the oolux solar power kit which has been co-developed at the Laboratory for Photovoltaics can be found by following the links below.

Official oolux-website

Article in hitech 1/2013

Short Course on Photovoltaics for Worldwide Professionals

In collaboration with Ecolution Engineering AG and SystmPV AG, the Photovoltaic Laboratory now offers a 6-week course in photovoltaic design and installation for worldwide professionals. After completion of the course, trainees will be able to plan and build own PV installations based on international standards. Registration for the spring 2013 course is open!

Flyer and application form can be downloaded here:

Ecolution Engineering AG > PV Training

Book "Photovoltaics - System Design and Practice" published 2012

In this translation of the German edition 2010, which is considered as a standard reference book by many German PV professionals, the possibilities and problems of direct conversion of sunlight into electricity in grid-connected and stand-alone PV systems are thoroughly discussed by the author, Prof. Dr. Heinrich Häberlin.

For many places around the world between 60°N and 40°S  the necessary data for the design and the calculation of the energy yield can be found in the book. For many plants from several countries in different parts of the world also measured long-term yield data for many years are indicated. 

Information sheet and order form

EU Project PV-Servitor

From 2009 to 2011 the Photovoltaic Laboratory was part of the EU project PV-Servitor. Main target of this project was to develop a fully autonomous cleaning robot for PV free field plants. It was a challenging task, and at the end of the project the robot was not yet ready for market. But during this two years scientific findings could be gained and the PV lab was a good partner by giving support in PV system technology matters.

Webpage PV-Servitor

Comparison of pollution of two PV plants [german]


New record for normalised annual energy production of PV plant Jungfraujoch (3454m)

PV plant Jungfraujoch (effective peak power 1.13 kWp, 3454 m above sea level), which was erected in 1993 by the PV laboratory of the Berne School of Engineering and Information technology, has established a new record for normalised annual energy production in 2005. Despite a line interruption of one day (23.8.2005) in the valley, in 2005 1537 kWh/kWp were produced with a winter energy fraction of 48.5%. Thus the old record dating from 1997 (1504 kWh/kWp) was trespassed considerably.

Without the line interruption, in 2005 the production would have been even 1540 kWh/kWp. In the average of 1993 to 2005, PV plant Jungfraujoch has produced 1407 kWh/kWp with a winter energy fraction of 46.3%.

[more information]

[normalized yearly analysis]


Head of the Laboratory

Prof. Urs Muntwyler

Senior Consultant

Prof. Dr. Heinrich Häberlin

Scientific Assistants

Luciano Borgna

Daniel Gfeller

Dr. Eva Schüpbach


Monika Jost

Thomas Schott

Duglas Urena Hunziker

Tech. Staff

Werner Reichen


Berner Fachhochschule

Technik und Informatik

Institute for Energy and Mobility Research


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CH-3400 Burgdorf

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