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Eletricidade Moderna (EM)

The paper "FIRST RESULTS OF THE THIN PV FACADE ON FOUR SIDES IN ZÜRICH", presented by the PV LAB at the 27th EU PVSEC in Frankfurt, has been translated and adapted by the Brazilian magazine Eletricidade Moderna into Portuguese. The article under the name "Instalação fachada fotovoltaica de película de fina em EDIFICIOS" appeared in the edition of May 2013.




Research and Development of the BFH-TI in Photovoltaics

On july 2006 there was an article about photovoltaics and the BFH-TI published in the professional journal "Photon International":

Theories for the industry - The BFH-TI is the leading PV R&D lab for solar system quality testing in Switzerland

Whether it has to do with the efficiency of inverters, system damage caused by lightning, or even yields of solar modules in Jungfraujoch, the PV lab at the Bern School of Engineering and Information Technology has a finger in every pie. Under the guidance of professor Heinrich Häberlin, the group is not only well known in Switzerland for its evaluation of PV system technology, it is an important part of the bright PV research scene.